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Sandi Billingslea
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7 Steps To Developing Trust: Step 1

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Developing Trust | 0 comments

I’m willing to bet you are now wondering why it’s important to look at yourself first when thinking about communicating in a Dialogue-oriented way. If your objective is to know someone, that person must first know you are someone they can trust. Here is the hard part. You must first be willing to look in the eyelashes of your fears and propellants; your objectives and show stoppers. No, I am not suggesting you go into therapy. I am saying your prejudices, judgment or need to fix, can and most probably will sabotage your efforts IF you are not aware of them. How do you become aware of them? Go through the exercise and visualize someone you trust walking through the steps with you. Practice developing your skills – see the person asking the question and your answer. Here is the first step:
  1. Understand your job. Your job is to listen and hear the person . You are not there to ‘fix’ it or there is no superhero cape to wear. You are facilitating their discovery and an AHA moment.
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Sandi Billingslea
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