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Time to Become Ultra-Human?

“We have just embarked on a new year, but I wonder what the “new” is? After all, we still have the same president and the same problems repeated daily on the “news blues.” Our New Year’s resolutions still harbor the same gripes and opinions. We want to change, but we cannot seem to get beyond a cultural depression.” In this wonderful piece Sam Holt evaluates these questions and discusses what he believes we should do to overcome the New Years Blues.

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7 Steps To Developing Trust: Step 1

“I’m willing to bet you are now wondering why it’s important to look at yourself first when thinking about communicating in a Dialogue-oriented way.” In this step by step series Sandi Billingslea dives into the notion of what it means to truly develop trust. Read on to see what she has to say!

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Dialogue and Exchange

“We’re living in a time of intense ideological division, and it often feels impossible to bridge the gap. But can we afford not to?” In this post Stephen shares an excellent Podcast by the wonderful team at NPR Ted Radio Hour that discusses how we bridge the gap of communication when dialogue seems so far away.

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