Alzheimer’s – Dementia: Find the Best Nursing Home with Sister Ann

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This book is an information guide on how to recognise a good nursing/care home for people suffering from dementia and, in particular, Alzheimer's-type dementia. You will learn what you need to know before you visit your first home, what questions to ask the manager, and what to look out for when visiting the home. The book deals with areas such as location, decor of unit, trained staff, nursing care, activities, and abuse, which are all factors important when choosing the home. Also discussed is challenging behaviour and the benefits of admitting the Alzheimer's patient to the home, plus much more. Dementia and person-centred care (Pcc) are discussed in detail. The aim of this book is to inform the uninformed. It is written in a step-by-step approach in layman's terms to help you decide which home to choose for your loved one who suffers from dementia. This can be done effectively by walking around the home, observing, and knowing what questions to ask.

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